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The Dirty Truth

Dirty Tequila story

George and the Dirty Tequila team

The dirty truth

It all started as a mixed drink in a restaurant in Arizona. George Duerr spent time at his bar creating drinks for his customers by sense of smell.  One of his his cocktails became known for its unique taste and smooth delivery.  Encouraged by his loyal customers, the "Beethoven of Booze" set out to create a new liquor brand based on his famous cocktail.  

But this isn’t your typical margarita or bloody mary. Duerr’s concoction of tequila, mixed with almond, vanilla, pineapple, and just enough cinnamon has earned the name Dirty Tequila. The drink starts as high quality blue agave tequila, and with the addition of the flavors plus agave nectar, you have a sweet and smooth tequila drink. Duerr suggests drinking it neat, chilled, on the rocks, or adding it to your favorite tequila cocktail to give it an extra kick.